What Are The Whitepages And The Yellow Pages?

There are many differences between the Whitepages and the Yellow pages, especially when it comes to advertising. Both have been around for many years and have gone through changes with the advancement of technology.


The Whitepages is a company that provides information about people and businesses. The company is also known for developing mobile apps as well as business services which makes use of their contact data. The Whitepages is the largest accumulated database of contact information for people and businesses that is available in the US and Canada. The revenue of the company is primarily brought in through advertisements.

Whitepages is made up of three primary types of business facets:

Consumer business- This area of their business includes online directories such as Whitepages.com and 411.com.

Mobile Apps- They provide many apps which offer information about people and businesses.

Data Sales- The company sells data to businesses that will use it to verify information submitted from their customers.

Yellow Pages

The yellow pages are the business section of the telephone directory. They are generally organized by business category rather than alphabetically. This section is where businesses pay to advertise their products and services. Originally, the yellow pages were actually printed on yellow paper. This was different from the white pages which were being printed on white paper for non-commercial style listings. For online directories, the term yellow pages is now often used as well to refer to the commercial section of the directories. Today, more people use the internet yellow pages instead of the printed yellow pages because of how quick and easy it is to use.