What are WhitePages?

In print telephone directories, the "white pages" are literally white pages that display the names, street addresses and phone numbers of residential and business customers. Publishers typically list names line-by-line in two columns in alphabetical order in A to Z categories by last name followed with complete or initial first names. Publishers often feature names and phone numbers in bold weight formatting. Readers can only find listings for customers who haven't opted out of having their names displayed in publicly distributed directories.

White pages typically don't feature any sort of advertising beyond the publisher's details. The top of each page is usually marked with the last name of the first and last residential or business customers displayed on that particular page, the page number and the letter of the alphabet on a contrasting tab-style, dark-colored square background.

New letter category sections are often designated simply with a capital letter. Some publishers separate sections by leaving a blank space at the end of a page when there aren't any more customer names to fill the page for the section. Other publishers, to save money on paper and space, separate sections by letter wherever the last section ends no matter the position of the section on the page.

Business white pages differ slightly from residential white pages in that they often display another color along the page edge. Publishers also highlight certain companies with a different ink color or additional details such as office hours and a company's tag line.